Oct 22, 2019

However, if you are utilizing the mosaic option, where you can watch multiple games on one screen, you will use more than one stream, depending on how many games you're playing at the moment. For example, if you are using the mosaic view on one device, playing four games, you will only be able to play one more stream on another device before Can two people use the same NBA league pass at the same Nov 14, 2015 Is it possible to split an NBA League Pass : nba You can even split it 3 ways and give another person access to mobile or tablet. Last year I used the TV and my friend used it on the computer and my bro used the mobile. I HAVE AN 2013/2014 NBA LEAGUE PASS SUBSCRITION TO SPLIT WITH SOMEONE. THE INFORMATION IS LISTED BELOW IN THE LINK. NBA League Pass Now Available to PLDT and Smart It’s LeBron vs. Curry (or Durant) in the NBA Finals once again and what good way to watch this exciting series than with an NBA League Pass subscription? The country’s favorite basketball league, the National Basketball Association, has forged a partnership with PLDT and Smart to offer the NBA League Pass to more than 60 million subscribers all over the country.

Generally as long as it's not something you give your password out to a few people, who give it out to a few people and then it snowballs, you're good. Even if you have 3-4 people sharing it, so long as they aren't always on watching it every night, you'd be fine. level 1. 1 point· 4 years ago.

NBA League Pass is the NBA’s premium subscription-based product that gives users access to all games, live and on-demand, for the entire season. Your NBA League Pass subscription includes: Every game* including Preseason (based on TV Broadcasts), Regular season, All-Star, Playoffs, NBA Finals and Summer League

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Choose your Subscription to access Archived NBA Games from NBA League Pass. Or, Select a Subscription to Purchase please use the Share My Data tab … NBA announces League Pass will be free to all fans during Mar 18, 2020 NBA now offering NBA TV as a standalone subscription option Oct 17, 2019 Season Hiatus - help.nba.com NBA League Pass will be provided complimentary during the season hiatus. Fans will have access to full length and condensed replays of all games from the 2018-19 (website only) and 2019-2020 season