A loaner laptop was not properly locked down and a user set the HDD password. Tried swapping drives but wouldn't recognize new drive, encrypted drive doesn't show even in Linux, low level formatting doesn't help and resetting BIOS does nothing. If a thief steals the laptop it's basically a brick to them.

Toshiba: This Hard Drive Will Self Destruct (if Stolen Apr 15, 2011 Self-destructing Hard Drive Self-destructing Hard Drive Ben Buzbee, Michael Backherms, Martin Brown self­destruct sequence, we employ an additional device connected via the parallel port. This device can send signals to the port using 1) a big red button 2) a mailbox key on the left side and 3) another on the right side of the big red button. These three signals need Hard Drive Destruction Plan | Hackaday Jul 04, 2010

Your Solid-State Drive is about to Self-Destruct

There is no hard disk drive, or a solid state drive, or any other non-volatile computer memory on the market that would have self-destruct capabilities and a casual customer could buy. There's also a good reason for this. Let's, as an example, see what a military grade RunCore's InVincible SSD does:

Apr 25, 2005

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