Yeslick can be found while delving in the Cloakwood Mines and is met during the story quest in the area. Dwarf Male Fighter/Cleric; Lawful Good; As close to a Paladin as a dwarf can be in Baldur's Gate, Yeslick is a very solid addition for a good party. The only area he is lacking in is intelligence which is the least important stat for either

What is the name of the three small islands west of The These islands just west of the Cloakwood and Baldur's Gate appear in every map I can find depicting the Sea of Swords, but are never tagged. Before you google, the islands just southwest of The Cloakwood (and directly west of Candlekeep) are the ones known as The Cimarine Isles. The islands in the photo appear to be completely separate. SHS RSS |Page 302, Chan:8971200 |" Is There A Way To Run BWS Standalone, Without Actual Games Installed? Can't access Cloakwood Mines : baldursgate

Iron thorn ring (turns you into a zombie) - 2 locations: Bandit camp (in a hut), Cloakwood 2 same location as Rashad's Talon Big fisted belt, Cursed belt of hill giant strength (sets strength to 19 but int to 6) - Cloudpeaks temple (part of Rasaads quest) inside a locked chest in acolytes quarters.

Yalanue the Cloakwood. What secrets does this strange lady keep and where does she keep disappearing to? • Part 1: Maze of Enchantments. Yalanue the Cloakwood Question on when to PVP and how to enable it | Baldur's May 03, 2009 The Flaming Fist | Baldur's Gate: The Sword Coast Chronicles

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Cloakwood Mines. Level 1. Level 2. Level 3. Level 4. Enemies: Black Talon Elite Davaeorn Ghast Guard Hareishan Hobgoblin Hobgoblin Elite Natasha Ogre Mage: Treasures: Hareishan: Adventurers Robe; Ghoul Touch Scroll; Haste Scroll; Potion of Explosions Rooms on … Baldur's Gate - Wikipedia