Dec 04, 2019

There are several options for blocking websites with pfSense® software, some of which are described on this article. Using DNS ¶ If the built in DNS Forwarder or DNS Resolver are in use, an override can be configured which will resolve the website to block to an invalid IP address (such as Firewall — How Do I Block access to a Web Site? | pfSense Feb 07, 2019 pfSense - Part 3: Allowing and Blocking Individual Websites

Jan 24, 2019

Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center Click on your connection where the access type is internet. If you are on WiFi, it will look different but the link will Click Properties in the popup window. Since I am configuring for IPv4, I will select Internet Protocol pfBlocker on pfSense - Block Websites, Ads, Social Media

Advanced security. If you have read a few of my other articles, you know that I believe security is of …

Protect home network using subnets with pfSense - NetOSec Jan 24, 2019 lifeoverlinux – Linux, Security, Blog and Guides In this blog post where I’m going to show you how to block HTTP and HTTPS domains by using E2guardian service in pfSense. E2guardian is a web filter and also works as a proxy server. It has many features and more potential than SquidGuard web filter. Block traffic between VLANs on pfSense – Calvin Bui Block Access to the pfSense Web Client. The most important rule first off is to block access to the pfSense web interface where applicable. This is possible by simply blocking the port alone on the various gateways. First create a new alias containing all the gateways of the various VLANs. Do not leave out your LAN gateway as well (unless it is