Problem solved. What I was doing is routing outside to the gateway address my ISP gave me to set on my old Linksys wireless router. What I did was run a traceroute from one of the PC's while connected to that old router and then wrote down the first hop after the Linksys inside interface address.

Aug 03, 2008 Set-CsOnlinePSTNGateway When set to 10 (default value), outbound calls that are not answered by the gateway within 10 seconds are routed to the next available trunk; if there are no additional trunks, then the call is automatically dropped. In an organization with slow networks and slow gateway responses, that could potentially result in calls being dropped unnecessarily. Ohio Business Gateway

Set up API keys using the API Gateway console; Create, configure, and test usage plans with the API Gateway console; Set up API keys using the API Gateway REST API; Create, configure, and test usage plans using the API Gateway CLI and REST API; API Gateway API key file format

Azure VPN Gateway connects your on-premises networks to Azure through Site-to-Site VPNs in a similar way that you set up and connect to a remote branch office. The connectivity is secure and uses the industry-standard protocols Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) and Internet Key Exchange (IKE).

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Ohio Business Gateway By selecting “Continue”, you will create a brand new account in the Ohio Business Gateway, which only should be done if you have never accessed the Gateway in the past.. If you have used the previous Gateway (shown below) but this is your first time visiting the modernized Gateway, click the “Cancel” button and enter the username and password you have always used to access the Gateway How do I set up default gateway on rout - Cisco Community