If the OpenVPN is up, you will see the packets routed through the tunnel (tun0 or tap0), not through your regular gateway. As I said at the beginning, though, you do not need to do this: OpenVPN provides you with a mechanism to continuously check the status of the connection, and to restart it if need be:- …

May 07, 2020 OpenVPN Client Configuraiton Guide – Yeastar Support Check the VPN client status in the Resource Monitor. Case 2 Configuring with OpenVPN .ovpn Configuration F il e. If the VPN provider only provides with you a .ovpn configuration file, you need to extract the certificates/keys from the .ovpn file first. STEP 1. OpenVPN / [Openvpn-users] Many 'UNDEF' in status.log - DoS [Openvpn-users] Many 'UNDEF' in status.log - DoS attack? From: Patrick Cervicek - 2008-10-22 11:18:08 We are running 3 openvpn server for several years. OpenVPN Community: {1} Active Tickets Ss giu18 7:04 /usr/sbin/openvpn --status /run/openvpn-status.log --status-version 2 --config openvpn.conf root 25418 0.4 7.8 501452 299324 ? S giu18 5:58 \_ /usr/sbin/openvpn --status /run/openvpn-status.log --status-version 2 --config openvpn.conf [c]. total openvpn memory (from pmap -X 25417 25418):

Oct 10, 2011

Found under Status Overview is Current Users. Clicking on this takes you to a landing page that displays a table with information about the users currently connected to your Access Server in real-time. Current Users The table headers reference the relevant information about … [SOLVED] howto know status of openvpn client ? - OpenVPN Feb 14, 2012

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