2020-7-22 · Test Network Throughput Between Servers. Important: From the benchmark results, as shown in the above screenshot, there is a variation in values from the server and client.But, you should always consider using the results obtained from the iperf client machine in every test you carry out.. How to Perform Advanced Network Test Throughput in Linux

Iperf / Re: Iperf results explanation (-t) On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 03:07:49PM +0200, Binken, Rens wrote: > Hi, > > I am using Iperf to test a satellite link (e.g. high latency). I am running > the test for 10 sec (-t 10) with the -r option to do a reverse test. > The following are the results. > > ----- > Server listening on TCP port 5001 > TCP window size: 128 KByte (WARNING: requested 128 KByte) > ----- > ----- > Client connecting to iperf/iperf3网络测试工具的安装与使用 - Hello … 2018-7-22 · Apple手机测试 开发板host,ip: 172.27. 0.25,App手机做client: 测试UDP: 开发板:# iperf -V -s - u 手机:iperf -p 5001-l 1448-w 131072-i 1.0-u -c 172.27. 0.25-t 10.0-b 100m 测试TCP: 开发板:# iperf -V - s 手机:iperf -p 5001-l 131072-w 131072-i 1.0-c 172.27. 0.25 iperf 测试网络性能指标-阿里云开发者社区

2017-8-18 · –fm is the format in which you would like to report as your results, in Kbits, Mbits, KBytes, Mbytes, and Gbits. –t 10 means the time in seconds to perform the IPerf test the de-fault is set to 10 seconds. Page 2 Once you start using Perf testing you can start to troubleshot client perform-ances issues much easier.

Linux每天一个命令:iperf - chengd - 博客园 2017-9-22 · Iperf在指定的时间内,重复的发送指定长度的数据包。默认是10秒钟。 Summary Results: [ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth Jitter Lost / Total Datagrams [ 5] 0.00-2.05 sec 0.00 Bytes

Apr 05, 2020 · The answer is Iperf. Iperf is a free multi-platform network performance testing application that works on a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. The way Iperf works is you would connect two systems on a network where one system acts as a client and one acts as a server.

When I performed iperf tests i obtained a bandwidth of 845 Mbps on an average. But when i tried reversing the direction (i.e changed server to client and viceversa) the results went down to 185 Mbps.These results are an average of ten readings and the max i was able to obtain was 370Mbps.