Defense in Depth security tips from Ross Phillips. From proprietary formulas to customer data, information is the life blood of an organization. Keeping that information secure in an age of ever-evolving cyber-threats can present a challenge. Maintaining multi-layer security, or defense in depth, must become a strategic priority for any

Defense-in-depth is an information assurance strategy that provides multiple, redundant defensive measures in case a security control fails or a vulnerability is exploited. It originates from a military strategy by the same name, which seeks to delay the advance of an attack, rather than defeating it with one strong line of defense. Safety and Security Plans and In-Depth Security Training Mar 16, 2013 What is Defense in Depth? Defined, Explained, Explored Defense in Depth (DiD) is an approach to cybersecurity in which a series of defensive mechanisms are layered in order to protect valuable data and information. If one mechanism fails, another steps up immediately to thwart an attack.

Sep 26, 2019 · Security is about defense-in-depth — adding additional layers of protection to reduce risks. With the addition of In-App WAF, we’re adding another layer, and making it easy to deploy and customize within a single platform.

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