Jan 21, 2019

Sharing music through NAS drive : Soulseek So I’m not sure I follow you. The MacBook and the pc would run the program and the NAS just holds the files. I currently use an old PC on my network to handle Soulseek and all of my files are stored on my NAS. You really should just put all files on the NAS and leave the computer running soulseek … what is your soulseek name? I wish I had soulseek on this computer, I don't know of any soulseek clients for mac os that actually work. But, I still have slsk on my crappy pc: Jefficator: chaka: Posted 1176259513: Reply with quote #5 fuckingchaka. ummsergioo: Posted 1176259737: Reply with

Feb 02, 2008

Jun 01, 2009 · I love soulseek ! I get to download carpets instead of files, but it just stopped working. I removed the program and then download IT several versions and no luck ! once it starts it just freezes please some one help me !! All I keep getting is this messege. NOT RESPONDING

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