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Nov 03, 2015 How to connect an Apple TV to analog speakers | Macworld To make it work you string a Toslink cable between the Apple TV and converter. Then connect the converter and speakers via an analog cable. With the cabling done properly, the Apple TV will send ‎Making Connections With Dr. David Jones | UNC-TV on Apple Nov 25, 2006 How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Your Apple TV Unfortunately, you cannot do this with the Apple TV, as it does not allow for simultaneous audio over Bluetooth and HDMI. We make note of this shortcoming specifically to save you the headache of discovering it for yourself, as the whole headphones-with-TV-speakers setup is a configuration we get frequent reader questions about.

Apple have thoughtfully provided a Toslink port on the back of every generation Apple TV. This is so that you can connect via a digital cable for enhanced audio whilst watching films or as a means to enjoying streamed music either from iTunes, iPhone or iPad.

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